I have been stricken with carpal tunnel syndrome and a frozen shoulder on my left arm and its causing so many problems. I cant dress myself successfully, go shopping alone on the bus or pick up a cup of tea – the latter being the hardest to cope with! Frustration is raging in me. I have to finish decorating Michaels bedroom so have enlisted the help of my son Gareth and he will take a days holiday to put up the lining paper for me. I can do the emulsioning so that’s ok.

However I can only knit 2 rows at a time and do a little crochet which is driving me mad. I find myself sitting looking at the pile of projects and getting upset. I have never been one for sitting doing nothing so am hoping I can use the sewing machine and will get on with something that way.


The pair above Pickle and Boo are keeping me busy though and little madam is so easy to look after that I can just about manage with one hand. Michael has been very understanding and helpful this weekend and was on his best behaviour too.




DSCF1611My lovely candle from my secret santa and a pretty teacup candle I bought myself a while ago sit on my mantle  and are lit when myself or  friend need some extra thoughts. Mine have been lit often so far this year as I have had some trying days. I am focusing on the good and doing what I can for others in thought and deed.

My problems will not be resolved, they will be coped with and dealt with however I can, but the stress somedays is intolerable.

Meanwhile I am keeping busy crafting and about to start on some pretty Easter goodies for my Facebook shop ‘Gin and Pickle’ Im Gin and this is PickleDSCF0487 Its an old pic taken by naughty Hubby when he found us dozing away in the chair.

As January progresses its getting colder and a wee bit bleak but a little flower has poked its way forth from a bulb on the kitchen windowsill and reminds me that Spring is just around the corner which means Michael (Pickle) will soon be 5 and I have cakepops to make for his party also I have to find him a gift I can make.


Non stop Christmas crafting

DSCF1257 Where did the year go? Am now getting ready for Christmas so am starting using up the huge amount of Tartan that my dear friend Steve gave me. Also passed a chunk of it onto another friend. I love passing things around, it brings joy to the giver and the recipient.DSCF1132 We also have jelly babies of every flavour from my own pattern.

Being a carer has been hard work of late as Hubby had to resign from the cricket league he has worked with for many years. He did all the signing on of players, arranged fixtures and even ordered all the trophys. This has dominated both our lives for so long I was extremely worried about his mental health after he gave up. I have had a pleasant shock after an initial hell of a few weeks he has now settled and become a more pleasant guy to be around. I can talk to him and not interupt him working on the pc, we are not continually interupted ny demanding people who cannot read a hand book and life in general is much more pleasant.

The model railway in the spare room now keeps him occupied and calm, we go out about once a fortnight and while he still sleeps a lot he is not deteriorating as fast.

Last week saw the culmination of weeks of work as my darling son and his wife had their marriage blessed. The whole event cost peanuts and both families created a party for less than £500. The room looked beautiful, the bride was stunning in her outfit, pulled together for less than £100. The whole day was extremely relaxed and a total pleasure. My brother and his family turned up which was wonderful however we left early and took Michael home with us as he had sensory overload. No one minded as this was the plan and Gareth was quite hppy that his Dad managed to be present. I will post pictures as they come through as we had no official photographer – there really was no need.




I started de-cluttering in earnest in December, being aware of my possible need to downsize at some time in the future. My bedroom is depressing but will soon be clutter free when I turn the spare room back into a craft room…any …minute…now! The idea is not to move anything across the landing that can be sold, donated or used up.

First step – craft fair Dec 2ndImage

Total failure, no footfall at all but met some lovely people and had a pleasant evening away from home. Did sell the doll sat on the left so made the price of the table.

Second step – E bay. So far moved 10 packs of crafty goodness which paid for 4 Christmas gifts. Now sold 4 blankets. My idea is they are not earning money sitting in the living room and I have to make things to preserve my sanity, also they have cost very little to make – therefore selling them for a couple of pounds is an improvement on nothing.

Third step – gifts to friends, bags to CS and OMG throw things away !!!


So far I have kept a note of the things going out and it is going extremely well. My bedside cabinet is empty apart from a diary, can almost get into the bedding box unhindered and bookshelves are getting emptier. Its amazing once you start how liberating it is. I also discarded my bread maker which wasnt working properly and I really cannot make bread, it was taking up an entire worksurface. now I can make pastry and roll it out properly, chop things comfortable and wipe up easily – win win again.


so if you are miserable bacause of ‘Things’ give it a go, spend a little time assessing them get those carrier bags out! Image

This made a bit of space, a carrier bag of my sons and grandsons shirts went into the making of it and it was given to my Grandson for Christmas and he loved it.



I have been inspired by people on MSE who have paid off their debts and decided that from today I will knuckle down and attempt to pay off my only debt. I rang the bank a while ago and was told that I couldnt pay it off early as it was pointless. So yesterday I popped in branch and asked there. Yes I can pay it off and cut the payment amounts as a result or by shortening the term. So I have in place 2 savings pots – 1 for 5ps with over £10 in and another for change which is all fresh and empty. Fleabay is to become my best friend and I already have a little pile of treasured pssessions ( hoarded stuff) and tomorrow is D day!


I also decided I am no longer wasting money on my financially over-endowed family who dont appreciate my gifts. Today I went onto the Age concern website- http://www.cowsnthings.org.uk – and bought 2 gifts which they will be thanked for. These are life changing gifts  for people in the Third world and much more in keeping with my ethos of helping others. 


Here is my latest make, a throw for my darling son and his wife all made from my stash apart from 1 ball of white wool. Image So in actual cash it cost me £2.

For the last 4 years Christmas in our house has been created ,mostly, from my stash of crafty goodness and this year will be no exception. Just started a canvas for Jenni. I printed a phrase using office, covered it with baking paper and drew the letters with puffy paint. Eventually when they are dry i will glue them to a painted canvas. It took a little patience but seems to have worked. I bought a job lot of puffy paint from a bring and buy and had no idea what I would do with it but knew I would find a use.

Image This little fella is southward bound to a dear friend tomorrow and would love to see her face when he arrives.

Alls quiet here today as Hubby is in bed, his new treatment far from re-invigorating him seems to have knocked him off his feet. So I have kept busy with various projects and making up parcels for my dear online friends. Without my little community I would be really lonely but there is always someone online to give me a boost. Am off to do some more knitting – my Little Cotton Rabbit is coming together slowly but surely and beginning to look beautiful.


Another hurdle to jump!

My dear pc has died and is waiting for my pc doctor to arrive – working on Hubbys lappy and really hate having to find everything I lost, including Hubby’s password so I can load my stick and retrieve all my precious photo’s. Its ok backing up everything but when hubby’s memory is bad its very frustrating….grrrrrr  Oh well will have to treat it as an adventure.

Drove our daughter to JohnLlennon airport at 4.30am for a break in france. Its the first time Michael has been to stay with grandad France and Im sure it will be a learning curve for all involved. There is a big veggie garden there so Michael will be in his element.

meanwhile I will have time to re-charge my batteries and have some well earned me time!